About V3


To organise myself. A much-needed form of creative self-expression. A reason to keep (somewhat) consistent with my writing. To go within the depths of my soul, psyche, mind, and personality to figure out things about myself I didn’t know before or found too hard to find words for. To let my heart speak. To play and experiment. To allow grand intuitions and ideas that aren’t mine to flow through me and my fingers to a webpage where others can see. To write. To reveal my shadows to you so that you can see yours and the light within you that creates them. I make this contribution to the world so you don’t have to feel alone and so maybe you can learn about yourself too. It may be a small contribution, but it helps me to wake up everyday knowing I have a purpose to serve and help others with the gifts I was born with; and if I can help at least one person in the world by revealing some of the feelings of loss, distrust, doubt and inadequacy I feel sometimes, then maybe we can both be more comfortable – being human beings.

“We organise our worlds by first organising ourselves” – Jean Piaget

About V2

Blah blah blah.


I write poems because I like to write poems. Simple as. But I upload them here onto this blog to let you, and the world, know that you’re not alone. You’re not weird for feeling the way you do. We’re all more connected than you think. Take that as you may, but if you’ve ever felt ashamed, alone, rejected or misunderstod then I write these poems with you in mind. If you just like good literature then you’re also in luck baby.

My poems have range. I know. But it’s due to my want to dive into the unknown deep within the psyche, and my want to break down what we know and create something new. I want to break down the barriers in communication; Invoking the intense energy with your primal side. I want to hold you, thrill you and hurt you. These are poems of growth. The less words, the more thoughts and feelings communicated. And the more questions you have left asking yourself.

I wish to see a world where everyone accepts the parts of themselves that they fear to express. A world like that would lead to a place where people could talk, laugh, and relate to each other – feeling that connection. Everyone’s weird, but not everyone’s evil – Some are just alone and misunderstood. This only causes more resentment towards humanity and the beauty of life. If we showed how crazy and vulnerable we can all be at times then we could have a more open, honest and understanding world. Wouldn’t that be cool? This blog is a small effort towards that reality. If you want to feel special or adored then you’re in the wrong place, but if you wish to feel cherished, understood and loved then this is the place. I feel that the worst thing you can be when sad is alone, but second is crowded, so I love you from a distance, giving you these poems as a token of my heart, mind and soul. They’re here to accompany and serve you along the journey of life that we struggle on sometimes.

Take them and read them. They’re here,

in service to you.

With love, Kuaks x