I thirst for more

----------------Body Parts
The Fall continues

Darkness's will haunts in translucence
Letting you see what you're losing
As you fall deeper into the pit

--------------------------------No chance
The Cycle remains fixed

Ghosts sing songs of self-hatred
Their siren chants spread their hollow form
The sparkle of their tears dazzles their victim

The Personal Power sleeps

One stays isolated, trapped, in a world with bars made of perception
Heavy, is the crown of thoughts and feelings
My actions do not show my screams, but my habits do show my night terrors

----------------------------Swelling of the heart
The Insecurity self-sustains

The dreams awaken the eyes
Moments of introversion revelate
Prison becomes sanctuary
The Waters That Be induce chemical reactions

Light to water, water to body


So — here again,
Strange — as always,
Café — in french? typical,
Funny — how we always meet at the stroke of each minute,
Almost — like the last time was a past life,
It Begins — A new encounter each time,
Hugging — at the frontier of a new life, each existence,
Sweet — is the moment, the fruit we eat, the coffee we drink,
The things we say — the moments we share

The tranquility within the chaos

"The rubble lies at the castle's wake!"
and the bishop grows a garden in the blood
Missionary tales paint caustic consequences -
crunching men like chocolate
From one end — to another,
the peace we hold holds us from the peace we seek
There is no fight, no victory, but an end to the massacre
Unshaken peace becomes comfort
Unawakened comfort becomes sleep
Sleep becomes death
If vigour will cause me to live then
let my blood bubble like wine
The work is in the ease and in the fear
To go beyond what is known to my shadow
Moving into somewhere with no forward
The chaos that swallows, and jails with its teeth
No mercy can be given without retribution
Those who stay in the shroud, cry and laugh
They are now jackals, guard dogs
to the world of the broken
Once the illusion is dissolved
The Pearl of Peace shall fall at your feet
Glowing, in the castle's wake.

The potential has been actualised

The stars continue to fluster
may I come into your view?
The soul looks dark tonight
But the mind looks bright today
A child is born but never birthed
The produce, the milk of the universal radiation
The microwaves wash me of doubt
they wash me of happiness
The power to fall has been realised
White has now found black
My eyes see now instead of my thoughts
The artist's imagination blocks his intuition
To create he must become free
To succeed he must learn how to be


The marshalls and the terrys,
They think they know poetry.
They sing it out of their mouths
Or arseholes, same thing.
They pick a line out of a book and say
'This is so cute!'
Selfie, song lyric,
Now it's poetry.

Roses are red

Roses are red,
Violet's are blue,
I'm going to die
and so are you.

Yeet that $*@!

I'm gonna beat my meat
I'm gonna smoke some weed,
Hop on the bed and
Skeet skeet skeet


I'm gonna beat my meat
and smoke some weed,
Hop on the bed and
Skeet skeet skeet


I'm gonna yeet that meat
and smoke some weed,
Hop on the bed and
Skeet skeet skeet


I'm gonna yeet that meat
and smoke some weed,
Hop on the bed and
Skeet weep sleep

Call of duty

I took a shit and forgot to flush
Oh baby, what a rush.
I really squirmed my asshole for that one...
I can still feel how tender my anus is in my bum-bum.
Oh shit! My mum found it...
Can you imagine if anyone else knew that I eat and shit?
I told my mum I'd clean up the poo-poo
But of course my mum just cleaned it and refused
My mum just touched the shit I forgot to flush
Oh baby, what a rush

The sounds of electric guitars reverb off the walls of East London

Behind the glass it all seems so real
Framed within the plastic window pane
Static lights, amber amidst the indigo of the celestial
A romantic painting of suburban houses and moving trains
London is on fire, the flames are electric
Mercurial ubers reflect highlights of iPhone X's and Samsung S9's
The twinkles set the scene as the stage is lit
The clouds puff, curtaining the noise of wagamama shop signs
I see blue hills in the distance, stooting stars in the sky
They shoot towards heathrow, sponsored by airlines
I smell the air of the cold and industrial,
Civil servants carrying cheap vodka and £3 meal deals
I stroke the coarse, rugged surface of the bricks
She's so beautiful with her scars, cuts and nicks
I feel the story, uneven, unfurnished and crumbling
She yearns to be loved, to be something
My darling London looks so beautiful tonight
Dressed in black among the grey of yesterday
I stare out into the distance peppered with city lights
The lady of the night dances where the darkness lays


The dangers of being/The Devil wears angel wings

Where's my vaseline?
In the trash
Something's burning...
Lipstick up my ass
Cold roaming home
Distraught and alone
Limping, bleeding along the loading zone
Busted lip, broken nose
Torn up pussy, torn up clothes
He was nice so I didn't say anything
Even though he persisted to try...many things...


I cried and cried...
I thought I was to blame
Then I thought: "What's the use?...
He already came."