Call of duty

I took a shit and forgot to flush
Oh baby, what a rush.
I really squirmed my asshole for that one...
I can still feel how tender my anus is in my bum-bum.
Oh shit! My mum found it...
Can you imagine if anyone else knew that I eat and shit?
I told my mum I'd clean up the poo-poo
But of course my mum just cleaned it and refused
My mum just touched the shit I forgot to flush
Oh baby, what a rush

The dangers of being/The Devil wears angel wings

Where's my vaseline?
In the trash
Something's burning...
Lipstick up my ass
Cold roaming home
Distraught and alone
Limping, bleeding along the loading zone
Busted lip, broken nose
Torn up pussy, torn up clothes
He was nice so I didn't say anything
Even though he persisted to try...many things...


I cried and cried...
I thought I was to blame
Then I thought: "What's the use?...
He already came."

The pleasures of life

The allure,
chasing by surprise,,,
Kicking you while you're down
Breaking your ribs
Braking them.
Then smiling at you with fucking rays of sunshine,
Backing you up and cheering you on.

What a prick.


99% of the world thinks you’re ugly

1% of the world thinks you're attractive
1% of those people think you're beautiful
10% of THOSE people think you're the love of their life.
That's 77,017 people.
The O2 arena only fits 20,000 people.
Love yourself
Love your imperfections,
You're a rockstar.

The legend of lil’ Samson.

I am 7 years old,
I am a champion.

My bed is tagged with golden piss,
My juice-boxes are served cold,
My homework list is as long as my Christmas list,
My head grows, filled with lies my teacher told.

I am 7 years old,
I am a champion.

My self-esteem fluctuates between low and high,
My hands blacken with mud playing in the sun,
My personality attracts no friends no matter how I try,
My nights are long trying to ignore my dad lashing my mum.

I am 7 years old,
I am a champion.

My grades are to be hit high as required,
My dream is to ride a motorbike,
My crush laughed when I told her it was her I admired,
My classmates called me gay so I tried to take my own life.

I was 7 years old,
I am a champion.