idc about ur insta feed,
just come here-
and fuck me.

Our souls sing when we don’t

*Holds chest*
*Falls to ground*
*Feels pain*

I don’t like to poo after a cigarette

Ocean waves clash against the sandy coasts of California
Glamour sand, glittered, dressed in the raw blood of mother earth
The cosmopolitan lights of L.A. burn in the midnight
Once again, today is just another day in paradise
Another hello, another sunrise


One more sad song

I know I'm always depressing
It's annoying, I get it--
but just let me have one more...
One more sad song.
It gets me through, y'know?
After that you can take it
but right now,
I need this.

99% of the world thinks you’re ugly

1% of the world thinks you're attractive
1% of those people think you're beautiful
10% of THOSE people think you're the love of their life.
That's 77,017 people.
The O2 arena only fits 20,000 people.
Love yourself
Love your imperfections,
You're a rockstar.

Cold shower in the dark

The water is running, cold.
I see nothing
Just black.
No light, no information;
Stranded within the density of the 4th dimension.
Everything is possible within the nothingness
I don't want to see whatever's coming
If I can't see it, it won't hurt me
I can't see anyway...

It's cold.
Something smells of paint thinner - I can barely breathe
It's so thick.
I feel rushing air on my face; choppy, crisp;
impacting with my face yet skating on my pores
But nothing else.
I've plunged into this and I don't know how deep.
I'm paralyzed, suspended within the absence
No x
or y
No end either;
Well, I'll never know until it comes.
Crying, whimpering, muscles tightened -
Freezing, waiting, stomach swirling -
I think I'm falling but
I can't even see where from..
I'm choking...
The water won't stop,
I c- I can't...
I can't breathe...
Holy fuck,
I'm drowning...


HELP!!!! HELP!!!!

p l e a s e ...


AH-HAHAHA... Ah-Haha...

The water is running, cold.
I see nothing,

Just black.


1. Rosalinda

She was really nice to me. What a gentle soul. Anyway, my tongue was buried deep inside her cunt. She was wet. Open. I had been on top of her kissing her neck; Gentle soft pecks, moist with a hint of tongue. I could taste her sweat: salt, water and expensive perfume. I could smell that she was sexually frustrated so we kissed. Passionately. We essentially ate each others souls. The pressure of our soft lips created a humid vacuum of carbon dioxide. We were breathing out into each other, moaning, salivating and intertwining with our tongues. She bit on my lip so I slapped her in the face. We pulled into each other with even more passion. She grabbed my ass cheeks to press my cock print even closer through our jeans. Somehow the awkward friction turned us both on even more. I felt like I was 14 again. Dry humping tends to do that. I bit on her ear lobe and whispered french in her ear. Her neck rose and her head weighed back. It was already too much for her. She moaned in Spanish. It turned me on EVEN more. I was getting hot at this point. I took off my tight t-shirt. Slowly. Lifting my arms to unveil the chocolate skin on top of the intricate highways of my muscles and tissues overlapping as I elasticated, shining in the rose-amber light of her Ikea desk lamp. She loved it. She licked me up from the above the elastic of my boxers to the bottom of my chest. It was an intricate presentation. It resembled the image of two swans discovering what love is. It felt like an artful action movie: Elegant with a primal “je ne sais quoi”. We looked into each other’s eyes. Hers open, feminine. Mine, not as open, unisex. She reached for the bed spread… She grabbed the ends of her black crop top… She breathed in and sucked her stomach in, un-blossoming to allow her two breasts to bounce out and lay looking into my eyes. She gracefully let go of her posture like the divine woman she is and was sunken deep into her pink polka dot quilt and pillows. I dived in after her, looking for her in the depths of her bed. I managed to find her breasts. My mouth found them too. Licking JUST… barely on the tip, THEN slobbering all over them. God, I’m a dog… I could hear electric guitars screaming and the bass of the Bluetooth speaker rattling the bed legs. Her hand was cradling my head, preciously stroking, holding my thoughts and feelings. Holding me like I’ve never felt held. I could hear her heart and for once I could hear mine. It seemed to enjoy the moment. Pouring out a sense of weakness after it all being contained by my pride. Sucking and searching for something beneath I licked around the stars of the show and they grew in jealousy. Her nipples awoke. Like Lazarus they raised. My lady for the night was pleased. She clutched my hair tighter the more I played with her hands pulling me closer to her chest. To her ribs. To her heart. Only to eventually get weak of exhaustion. Oh Rosalinda, the pleasure was straining her mind. Making her weak. I came up to kiss her but she kissed me instead. She was very passionate about it. She was falling in love with me, I might’ve been too. damn… I caught her by her neck, plunging her head back into a sink of pillows and cuddly toys, baptising her. I stared intensely into the black abyss of her eyes. It was clear as night but I couldn’t tell if she wanted me, my cock or just a fuck.
While only “slightly” choking her (mercifully of course) I could see that she wanted all three. Dear God.. The restraint only made her want it more. A fire burning, cold but oh so hot. Fuck, this girl is insane. I had let go of her neck so she could survive.
Her skin: Wet.
Her lips: Wet.
Her hair: Wet.
Her pussy: I could see a wet patch.
I grabbed her hand then kissed it in the name of all that is sweet, dark romance. She wasn’t used to being treated well. I treated her better with each kiss as I slowly went up her arm staring into her eyes. I bit into her shoulder and she felt the pleasure in the pain. Of course she would. I’m no ordinary man and that wasn’t going to change tonight. I’d probably be masturbating in my room if it weren’t for her so I was going to show my gratitude…but first I was gonna fuck her. I started with her forehead, slowly kissing her physical landmarks: Nose, lips, chin, etc., as I descended upon my target.Wet, shivering, nervous, excited, it was waiting for me and I was coming.

I was down to her breasts, then her stomach, her belly button.
Everything was so soft. Inching closer, I was creeping down between her legs with my lips – still looking at her. She wasn’t looking at me; Her eyes were closed. She didn’t want to see what was about to happen. She wanted to feel it. Thousands of hormones were being released, hundreds of muscles tightening and relaxing. Her legs opened while her anus closed. It was a sign: I had reached my destination. The view was interesting. Pubes – Shaven 3 days ago, hair just breaking out. Surrounding area – Dark, specifically #76524A. Vagina – Dripping. I saw all I needed to make my move. I reached for the hood. Her clit was swollen to the size of my heart. I licked it and she moaned. I licked it and she moaned again. I noticed a pattern.

I teased her pussy, making it jealous by kissing the thighs in front of it. I saw it’s mouth open to scream but all I heard was the sweet symphony of mac and cheese. My dick was very hard. It had been hard for the last 14 minutes. Her eyes suddenly opened like New year fireworks. My Frankenstein’s bride had awakened. Her clit tingled like a Nokia brick phone vibrating on a concrete floor. I leaped forward and gave them both what they wanted sucking on the bastard clit. Tickling it with my tongue as I sucked, I rolled my R’s. She never taught me Spanish. She raised up and grabbed my head by its crown tucking it into her pussy folds. Muffling me, the vibrations of my suffocation electrified her vaginal carpet tunnel. The electricity energised her, making her young …making her loud too. As I was trying to enjoy my dinner she screamed “yeah…yeah…Oh FUCK. yeaAAHH..”
I bit on her clit and she roared into the atmosphere.
It must’ve been good because the sound-waves from her throat distorted the moonlight. She lifted my face to hers and kissed me viciously, violently pulling me back into the bed with her – on top of her. She kept me there in her mouth; the only connection we shared in that moment. Contact of both our skins. A blend of dark and light; yin and yang. Her flesh pressed against mine. My meat pressed against hers. She let go of me with her right hand: The same hand she made food for me with. That was really nice of her. I was really hungry. Anyways, her hand blindly wandered looking for my cock and grabbed ahold of it rubbing it vigorously to get it started. My dear Rosalinda pulled it against to her clit to slide it down and in. I advanced further, fighting the good fight, sliding in high volumes of vaginal lubricant. She turned the light off. I pushed my cock deeper inside. I was in. Estaba en.